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    Hello World

    Hello, my name is Devon and I am a senior at Texas State. I’m graduating in May with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Innovations. I thoroughly enjoy web design and I hope I can find a job in this field when I graduate. I decided to do my final project on traveling. I would like to think it’s a hobby of mine but it is an expensive one. The first time I went abroad was in August of last year, 2017, I visited Scotland, England and Ireland. On my bucket list I have visit all 50 states. You can contact me at dlm270@txstate.edu Last updated December 12, 2018

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    Old Town Texas

    For my second location to talk about on my website I wanted to choose somewhere local but you would have to drive there. I love road trips no matter how short nor how long. I chose to go to Gruene. Gruene is a little city just outside of New Braunfels. It is a 46 minute drive from Downtown San Antonio and a 26 minute drive from the Texas State campus. There are many things to do. They have many restaurants to choose from if you want to go for any meal of the day. I can’t really choose a favorite restaurant because they’re all so good. If you like wine…

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    Philly Philly

    The start to my Philadelphia weekend trip with friends and family didn’t start out the way that I planned. My brother hasn’t flown in a while and I was gonna help him check in his bags and when I went to get my ID out of my wallet I realized it wasn’t there. I like to think that I’ve traveled a lot in the past four years of my life, so I should know to double check if I have my ID. Let’s face it, your ID is the one thing that you need the most at the airport. I started to panic and told myself that I just needed…